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Old Dan Tucker Audiation Cards

Print out the pages found here and laminate them. Cut the cards out along the gray lines.  Each card matches one line of Old Dan Tucker.

Sing the song and show the children each corresponding picture as you sing.

Sing the song with the children, tap the number of “beats” for each line on each card, and then move to the next card.

Turn card #2 face down. Ask the children to listen. Begin to say sing the song. When you reach the line illustrated by card #2, sing that line in your head. Resume singing the song out loud when you reach the line illustrated by card #3 and continue singing the song to the end.

Ask the children, "What did I do?" Some of the children may reply, "You stopped." or "You skipped #2." You might reply, "Did I really stop?" or "Did I really skip it?" This should lead the children to answer "You sang it in your mind."

Describe what it means to "audiate." In this case, to "sing" that part of the song in your mind - not out loud.

Ask the children to sing the song and to audiate when they reach card number two. When they reach the 3rd card, they are to resume singing the chant out loud (as you just demonstrated).

Have the children sing the chant as many times as desired. Each time turn one additional card face down and audiate that section of the song. It is wonderful when the children are able to audiate the entire song and perform the motions in a synchronized manner.