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Macro and Microbeat Choreography

Old MacDonald  by Grassmasters. Available here.

Perform each motion for a full verse or refrain (Each section will contain 16 microbeats or 8 macrobeats). Begin after the introduction.

Have children put on their imaginary farm clothes (overalls, boots, hats) while you start the recording.

1. Pat thighs (microbeats)—Oh my! Our clothes are dirty. Lets get some of this dust off.

2. Pat left thigh 2 microbeats (Here!), switch to right thigh for 2 microbeats (There!), repeat until #3

3. Walk in place to microbeat—Let’s take a walk around our farm.

4. Stomp in place to the macrobeat—Oh dear! Our boots are muddy. Stomp off that mud.

5. Pretend to scatter chicken feed with one hand (switch to other hand at the midpoint) —Time to feed the chickens.

6. Hold out one hand, palm up. Make chopping motion with other hand on top of 1st hand.—Time for chicken soup. Don’t look!

7. Bounce knees up and down (microbeat). Hands hold a pretend steering wheel.—Let’s take a ride on the tractor!

8. Pretend to pitch hay over your shoulder (macrobeat) —Time to pitch hay!

9. Pretend to milk a cow, alternating hands (microbeat) —Let’s milk the cow!

10. Pretend to hoe a garden (macrobeat)—Got to get those weeds!

11. Pretend to pick peas and put them in a basket (micro or macrobeat)—Pick peas for dinner!

12. Alternate tapping right/left hands on head (microbeat)—Oh no! The wind is trying to blow our hats away!