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Snowmen at Night Game

Once children are familiar with the delightful story Snowmen at Night, they are ready to play the Snowmen at Night game.

Allow children to stand scattered in the room and pose as if they are snowmen. Remind them that during the day, snowmen are "frozen" and do not move. Walk through the children singing the Snowmen at Night song. Stop here and there to adjust an arm as if you are creating snowmen. When the song has ended, pretend to yawn and declare how sleepy you are. Pretend to sleep while singing the song on a neutral syllable (such as "doo"). While you are sleeping, the snowmen silently move about the room and freeze at the end of the song . . . whereupon you open your eyes and feign surprise that things are not as you left them the night before. Repeat.

The more dramatic you are, the more the children will enjoy this game.