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Winter Wonderland

Nothing makes the winter brighter than listening to Ella Fitzgerald sing Winter Wonderland (available here). Children love this beat choreography that includes lots of snow-related motions.

Intro: Hold hands in front of body and wiggle them.

Sleigh bells ring (32 microbeat section): Tap hands on legs. (microbeats)

Gone away (32 microbeat section): Tap hands on alternating legs (2 on one leg; 2 on the other leg; repeat for the section). (microbeats)

In the meadow (32 microbeat section): "Build" a snowman by patting snow on the sides of a snowman in front of you (2 pats in the air with one hand; 2 pats with the other hand; repeat for the section) Keep making the snowman taller and taller. 

Later on (32 microbeat section): Shovel snow. Make smooth shoveling and throwing snow over your shoulder movements. (macrobeats*)

Are you listening? (32 microbeatbeat section): "Catch" snowflakes. Take a small step forward with one leg and extend arm/hand on same side forward to gently catch a snowflake while you lean slightly forward. Bring arm and leg back to starting position. Repeat with other side.  (macrobeats)

In the meadow (32 microbeat section): Stomp snow off of boots. March/stomp in place. Can be done to microbeats or macrobeats.

Later on (32 microbeat section): "Sweep" snow off car with hands. Make a windshield wiper motion with right hand. Repeat with left hand. (1 macrobeat for each "sweep") Repeat for a total of 16 "sweeps."

Tag ending: Pretend to make a snowball and throw it. End with a few more rapidly fired snowballs.

*two microbeats = one macrobeat















Copyright (c) 2010 Patricia Gingras