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The Lions

This is a wonderful way to share a recording of "The Lions" from the Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns.

Print out the lions found here.

Laminate them. Cut them out. (Use "general" cutting movements. The lions can be ringed with the white background and will be more durable.) Tape the lions to wide wooden ice-cream type sticks found in craft stores. (Place lions face down. Place stick on the back of the lion. Tape in place.) We used clear package tape. Leave enough of the stick sticking out from the bottom of the lion to make a handle for children to hold.

Before distributing the lions to the children, model this activity yourself!

1. Place the lion face down in the open palm of your non-dominant hand. He is "sleeping."

2. Start the recording.

3. During the opening, grasp the "handle" with your dominant hand (or mirror this for the children) and gradually raise the lion up until the end of the stick is perpendicular to the palm of your non-dominant hand. The lion is waking up.

4. Once the theme of the music begins, bounce the lion up and down to the beat on the palm of your hand. He is looking for his breakfast.

5. Each time you hear the music represent the lion roaring, raise the lion high in the air and then bring him back down to your palm. Follow the contour.

Children love this and quickly learn when each "roar" is about to be heard.

Hint: When distributing the lions to the children, tell them to put their lions to sleep as soon as they receive them.