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The Lions - listening/beat/contour

Turtle Poem

Here's a Bunny! - Chant

Here's a Bunny! - audiation steps

Hop Old Squirrel - Instrumental Activity

Little Mice Go Creeping - song/fingerplay

Three Bears With a Beat



I Plant a Little Seed - Chant with motions and instrumental accompaniment

Beat Choreography to Old MacDonald

Take Me Out to the Ball Game - Movement/Scarf Activity



Pumpkin, Pumpkin! - song and movement activity

Autumn Leaves are Falling - major scale/scarf activity



Winter Wonderland - beat choreography

Snowmen at Night Game - movement/aoelian mode.

Snowmen at Night - making the music-literacy connection

Cold Polar Bear - solo singing opportunity

Snowman Rhyme

Chubby Little Snowman - chant

Chubby Little Snowman Audiation Puzzle Cards



Choo Choo Train - chant with motions

Little Red Caboose Part II - Rhythm Activity

Little Red Caboose Game

Introducing Silent Beats

Engine, Engine - a two part chant with visuals

Engine, Engine - steady beat

Captain Go Sidetrack Your Train - beat/vocal exploration


Wild West

Old Dan Tucker - song with motions

Old Dan Tucker Audiation Cards and Steps

Old Dan Tucker - Teaching AB Form

Wild West Jack and Jill - chant


In the Kitchen

Chop! Chop! Chippity Chop! - chant

Chop! Chop! Chippity Chop! - song improvisation/creation activities

Hot Potato! - Beat Game



Little Leprechaun Game - movement/instrument



Playing My Shoes - improvisation/creation


*Activities are provided for classroom use only. You have permission to make copies for class and to create student handouts. Should you wish to use activities for workshops or presentations, please ask first. Thank you!