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Apple Pie Chant

Oh my! Apple pie!

Fill my plate up to the sky.

Roll the crust. Peel and slice

Wish that I could eat it twice!



Oh! - Place one hand on knee

My! - Place other hand on other knee

Apple pie! - draw a horizontal circular pie in the air with two hands

Fill- turn one hand palm up and clap other hand on it face down

my plate up to the sky - raise the upper hand slowly toward the ceiling

Roll- pretend to hold a rolling pin and roll out towards the right

the - roll back to the body

crust - roll out to the left and back to the body

Peel - pretend to hold an apple in one hand and make a circular "peeling" motion with the other hand

and slice - hold one hand palm up. Use other hand to make a "karate chop" motion onto the palm up hand. Hit other hand on "slice."

Wish that - place one hand on a knee

I could - place other hand on other knee

eat it - clap hands together

twice! - hold up two fingers on one hand