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Drum Fun - A Two Part Chant!

This activity builds on Engine, Engine. Do not present this activity until the children are able to say the chant on their own without your help!

Print, laminate, and cut out these drums. You will need a total of 20 drums for this activity.

Place four drums in a row on the floor. Point to each drum and say, "Drum, drum, drum, drum." Encourage the children to recognize that each drum represents a drum beat in the introduction to the chant Engine, Engine.

Say, "drum, drum, drum, drum" and then begin saying the chant Engine, Engine. As you say the chant, place a drum on the floor (in rows of four drums each) at the appropriate time. (See the Engine, Engine beat chart.)

Tell the children that all the drums represent a drum beat that they played when performing Engine, Engine previously. Have the children point (in the air) to each drum as they say "drum, drum, drum, drum" for the intro and then the chant Engine, Engine.

Model the following for the children. Point to each drum and say, "drum" for each. Ask the children to do the same. Tell the children that you will all say the chant together. Children and teacher will say "drum" for the intro drumbeats. Children will begin saying Engine, Engine, but you will continue to say drum. 

This will most likely not work the first time!!! The children will stop speaking the chant and will want to say "drum" with you. Have a good laugh together and tell them that they need to say their part. Usually, the second attempt is fine.

Reverse parts. Have the children say "drum" and you say the chant Engine, Engine.

Ask the children which part is the most fun for them. Tell the children to say the part they like the best and have them perform the chant with the two parts together.

Follow this activity with Introducing Silent Beats.