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Choo Choo Train 

This is a choo-choo train,
(Bend arms at elbows.)
Puffing down the track.
(Rotate forearms in rhythm.)
Now it's going forward,
(Push arms forward; continue rotating motion.)
Now it's going back.
(Pull arms back; continue rotating motion.)
Now the bell is ringing,
(Pull bell cord with one hand)
Now the whistle blows.
(Pull whistle cord with other hand)
What a lot of noise it makes,
(Put arms out to side, palms up)
Everywhere it goes.
(Cover ears with hands and shake head back and forth.)

Once children know the chant well, say this chant standing up. The first few times, have children stand randomly around the room and move forward and backward at the appropriate part of the chant. Once children are adept at these motions, have the children get in a single file line (like a train) and perform the motions.